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Essentials of the Modern Recruiter.

The recruitment industry is by nature fast-paced, and the unique demands of the market have fostered an open and inviting attitude towards technology. In a space where several agencies are competing for the same candidates and the same vacancies, being innovative can make all the difference. Online job boards, CRM systems, and social media have all, at various points, changed the game for the industry’s early adopters.


Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Healthcare.

The healthcare industry is ripe for some major changes. From chronic diseases and cancer to radiology and risk assessment, there are nearly endless opportunities to leverage technology to deploy more precise, efficient, and impactful interventions at exactly the right moment in a patient’s care.

As payment structures evolve, patients demand more from their providers, and the volume of available data continues to increase at a staggering rate, artificial intelligence is poised to be the engine that drives improvements across the care continuum.


Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are going to have a huge impact on manufacturing. With these technologies, manufacturers will gain the computational power needed to solve problems that humans can’t possibly solve. They will ultimately be able to provide prescriptive answers to production issues manufacturers have been asking for centuries. Namely, how do we make our product as efficiently as possible, with zero waste and the least amount of downtime.

As with most reports about groundbreaking technology, this discussion of the ‘holy-grail’ is way ahead of industry practices. The vision serves a useful purpose in suggesting what’s possible. But with many manufacturers lacking the data infrastructure necessary to obtain real AI and ML capabilities, the journey towards perfect production can also be so abstract that it confuses the very people looking to achieve it.


Top-Performing Employees.

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Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important When Hiring Top Talent.

One test that has featured prominently in the recruitment process is that of psychometric testing. Not only are recruiters using it, but employers too. Why are we seeing more and more employers using psychometric tests? As we highlighted above, credentials are necessary! However, a candidates personality is key to them fitting into your company. Psychometric tests do it all really! It not only assesses personality traits but looks at intelligence in general and looks at their key skills also.

First impressions are essential. The minute a candidate walks through the door you are studying how a candidate carries themselves. You’re looking at their posture and judging their handshake. Basically, you are gauging their non-verbal communication. At the end of the day, you’re not going to hire someone who can’t keep eye contact and looks totally disinterested. You will hire the opposite of that!

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Combatting Bias in AI Recruiting.

The longer I’ve pondered this thought, the more the answer made sense to me. Tech. Tech made people more aware of their need for diversity. Diversity can mean anything from race, ethnicity, or gender to simply just encompassing our human differences. Lack of diversity creates and sustains privileges for some while creating and sustaining disadvantages for others. Technology made us see those gaps in an entirely new light. Why did tech make us more aware of our need for diversity and equality? Because technology is automating and repeating what we say, what we do, and what we learn. If it’s biased, we’re biased. If we’re biased, it’s biased. We quickly learned and identified gaps in our organizations and ethical guidelines. Without technology in the equation, those unhealthy patterns may never end. Technology is the catalyst to better ourselves, document our processes, and support unbiased decision-making.


How to Use Facebook Jobs for Hiring.

While Facebook hasn’t traditionally been used for hiring, the site now allows US and Canadian companies to post job openings and accept applicants. The job postings are displayed to followers of the company pages, like usual Facebook posts, who can then reshare them with friends who may be interested in the opportunity. Hiring companies can also configure demographic targeting that displays the job posting to people based on geographic location, work history, their field of study and other specific factors that help them connect with the right candidates.


How Workforce Diversity Affects Business.

The disciplined mind draws direct correlations with specialized talent, and these people are incredibly important for your organization. They possess a real dedication to a single craft, to which they apply themselves every day in order to continuously improve and develop it. However, be aware that these minds should not be so focused that they see the whole world through this schema, for doing so would be hyper focused and impractical. A real disciplined mind is able to take a problem and solve it, analyze the toughest problem in their field, and still be able to see the big picture of how their skills fits into the organization.


How to Attract & Hire Recent Graduates.

One of the top challenges companies face when hiring college graduates is sourcing—especially when you’re only hiring from one school. Part of finding the right talent is knowing where to look for it. Instead of honing in on one school in particular, target different universities with relevant programs. College graduates don’t always look for jobs at the places where you advertise them, so targeting multiple schools will increase your likelihood of finding top talent.

Today, diversity and inclusion in the workplace are more important than ever before. That’s why another way to tackle hiring challenges is to offer training programs and mentoring to current students. In doing so, you can attract a diverse future talent pool and build out your employer brand at the same time.


7 Apps All Recruiters Need in 2019

Time can often feel like the thing we have the least of. While it isn’t possible to physically create more hours in the day, we can call on tech to help us get more done in less time. Of course, there are template responses to this question, use an Applicant Tracking System, automize, ect. But, what else can you do to get that edge and be more productive in the upcoming new year?

You could use other applications to streamline your talent management and improve your sourcing techniques. Check out these apps that can help you maximize your productivity in the limited time that you are given each day.

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