Services We Offer

Our Onsite Development Engagement Model service is a practice under which we would position our skilled personnel on your site to work in continuous interaction with your user team. We under take the entire project development, starting from the point of scope of work, collecting information and planning up to the implementation of the project as well as it's maintenance and support. We offer this kind of services where the client preference to have the team at their location. We will be still able to administer our employees to your location anywhere in the world. And all our techie have a deep knowledge of technology and domains.

Resource Based Service Based Project Based Requirement Based
We work on a Time and Material basis under the guidance and management of the client We work as service support unit at our client location on a retainer basis We work on project basis at a fixed cost and defined timeline basis We work on business requirement basis at a fixed cost or on a retainer basis
Can scale up and down resources based on needs Ideal for managed services like Infrastracture, testing, and support Projects delivered on time, on budget, on target Providing all IT functions as per the business requirement
Access to a large pool of expertise Strict budget and scope control It can be combined with offshore development execution model Including project management, system design, QA and operations as per the requirement

Our Offsite model is an attractive alternative for clients looking for more cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. We have fully functional Off-site development Center, conveniently located in Singapore and India, is professionally equipped to set up client projects using state-of-the-art technology and advanced communications and security systems. The services offered through Offsite development enables us to undertake customized projects that meet client unique specifications, while providing a cost effective alternative to in-house development. All the activities are overseen by fully experienced and dedicated Program Managers to ensure the deliverables and it meets rigorous quality standards on-time and within budget.

Consulting Managed Services Shared Services Staff Augumentation
Offering software consulting services remotely resource like contract programmers, or staffing requirement for software development, testing and maintenance Offering managed services on-going basis remotely and seamless IT environment. Services like help desk services, IT monitoring & planning, and network support & monitoring Offering shared services remotely to optimize the delivery of reliable, cost-effective, and flexible services to internal and external clients. Offering dedicated employees working remotely to meet changing demand without shouldering the cost and liabilities of additional full time employees

Our OffShore delivery model is design to provide our clients with an offshore solution that is client-centric, and tailor-made to our clients specific needs. We work as an extension of your team, working with you to get the job done.

OffShore Nearshore OffShore Fixedcost