RPA Developer

The RPA Developer will be responsible for all aspects of developing business processes using Blue Prism v5.032 and v6.2. Each project will include the following activities:

1.Work with IT BSAs to understand the business problem being solved, the proposed solution, and translate that to a technical solution for the bot.

2.Design technical solution in a scalable fashion to ensure that applicable reuse of objects and functionality is possible for future projects.

3.Development of the Blue Prism objects using front end web spying techniques on various applications and web controls, as well as API, DB Connections, and other back end connections to applications via out-of-the-box BluePrism functionality.

4.Full exception handling for business and system exceptions, and appropriate updating of those exceptions in work queues and reports.

5.Unit testing of all functionality to ensure accuracy and exception handling.

6.Build scheduling or appropriate triggering mechanism to start the process based on the business requirements.

7.UAT and production support.

Candidate Requirements:

•Excellent communication skills, with the ability to effectively communicate risks, challenges, and statuses.

•Ability to explore multiple design options with the team, challenge ideas, and come to a solution.

•Problem solver – does not give up at the first sign of trouble in development and tries relentlessly to solution a challenge before escalation.

•Understanding of SDLC including Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

•Bachelor’s degree in computer science or Related field.

•Must be proficient working with applications containing popup windows, dropdown list.

•Must be proficient designing process using work queue, capturing item status and work queue reporting.

Technical requirements include:

•Relevant experience (2+ years) using RPA technology, BluePrism preferred.

•Experience with C#, VBA, Blue Prism, VB, .Net.

•Work using Oracle DB, Share point, REST API, SQL.

•Previous experience interacting with ERP, CRM and BI systems.