Data Scientist


•Use machine learning and analytical techniques to build prediction models for different use cases.

•Design, develop and test advanced models for predictive behavior.

•Co-operate with software engineering teams to drive real-time model implementations and new feature creations.

•Design efficient, scalable, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model implementation.

•Research and evaluate pioneering machine learning and statistical model Requirement.


•Atleast 3+ years of Deep Learning and machine learning experience.

•Good understanding about supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms.

•Generate and test working Hypothesis.

•Mandatory coding experience in Python.

•Experience working with modern Deep Learning techniques, framework and applications.

•Experience in DL framework (e.g Caffe, Tourch, Tensorflow).

•Exposure to GPU technology and CUDA programming.

•2 year or above experience in Algorithms, statistical analysis, computational NLP and/or machine learning.

•Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills.

•Action oriented with strong analytical and problem solving skill.